Exactly why Would You Need the Search engines Rank Tracking API?

Whether you run an SEO tools website or maybe you have an SEO company, the ability to observe as well as report to consumers the Google search engine ranking for their specific keywords and phrases is an essential part of the program that you just provide.

Needless to say, you can always do a mechanical Google search after which look through the results to get put in which a client’s internet site is positioned on the Google SERPs, however, no one wishes to experience to do that, that is when a Google Rank Tracking API comes into play.

If you have permission to access a ranking tracking API, you can embed ranking data for websites and keywords in your own applications and in the websites of yours and also provide the customers of yours with the main key performance indicators they desire. A Google SERP checker API will also provide the insights which you need to improve your SEO promotions for the top results.

Who Needs SEO Data?

The need for accurate and up to date SEO data is virtually endless. SEO bureaus have to monitor the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns, e-commerce sites need to monitor the position of their own products and position of competitor’s items, online marketers need to be able the track the role of the sites of theirs, in fact, anyone with a presence on the web will want to know where their websites are ranked in Other search engines and google.

What’s an API?

In this particular scenario, an API is a chunk of third-party code that an application or maybe site can pass parameters to and get data from. A Google ranking checking API, for instance, is going to take the words which are joined on a site and return the current Google ranking for that search term.

What Does a Google Rank Tracking API do?

The best companies of SEO tracking APIs will often have a variety of different APIs that is often used internet sites & software. Allow me to share some of the main types of SEO keeping track of APIs.

Rank Tracking API

A rank tracking API is going to return the up-to-date positioning for a certain keyword for a given location.


A SERP API will return the very best online search engine results for a specific keyword

Keyword information API

A keyword data API is going to return the keyword reports that you’d otherwise have to look up by hand in the Google AdWords planner, including search volumes, average price per click, and the workout room of opposition for that particular keyword phrase.

Competitor API

A competitor API is going to find all relevant statistics with regards to a competitor’s internet site, such as traffic volumes, traffic sources, the average time spent on the web site, page views per period and the bounce rates.

URL Metrics API

A URL metrics API is going to provide the vital reports for a URL, for example Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF).

Exactly why Would You Want a Google Rank Tracking API?

An SEO tracking API provides SEO application companies along with SEO agencies with the chance of adding value to the services of theirs. They could use the features of an API to plan SEO strategies, provide branded reporting services to the clients of theirs, or just add SEO data services to their site to entice a lot more visitors.

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