Fireproof File Cabinet – Choosing One That Suits Your Needs

I still recall it. The flames, the smoke, my neighbor’s wife sobbing, tears streaming down her face. The good news is this family got out protected, they had good insurance to cover the losses of theirs, and close friends to assist them to recover. However, they lost several irreplaceable photos and difficult to upgrade documents. Richard, my neighbor, later lamented about the hassles he and Eleanor experienced getting official copies of birth certificates, a new drivers’ license, passports and the distinction to one of the cars of his. He mentioned that having one type of ID would have aided him hugely.

Among the saddest parts of Richards’ experience would be that in case he would have ordered a fireproof file cabinet, he almost certainly would have had a protected storage location for those documents, pictures and other electronic media. I had the occasion to figure out from the oversight of his and after that chose to accomplish that.

Fireproof storage doesn’t have to be inconvenient or expensive. Not everyone needs a $1,500, four drawer lateral file cabinet rated at six hours to protect the electronic files of theirs as well as small valuables. Below are a few affordable and practical alternatives designed to accommodate most people’s spending budget and requirements.

The most basic is the fireproof file box. This system is perfect for those who have only a handful of electronic files and maybe a bit of jewelry that they wish to protect. The file containers that will range in price from $50 up to $200 are rated approximately a half hour at 1550 degrees F, that’s enough in the majority of home fires. The appeal of these is that they are easily stored and moved. Amazon is a good area to look for these, or perhaps if you prefer the retail shopping experience, you are able to choose one up at Office Depot or Office Max.

The following step up is going to be the 1 or perhaps 2 drawer file cabinet. These’re a great alternative and is the answer for individuals that work from home and need to keep a few documents, or even if tax documents are extensive. Sad to say, you can find some poor items created by some big names. Sentry particularly tends to make a 1 drawer fireproof medicine cabinet with a bad slide mechanism for the drawer. But, Sentry’s two drawer one hour rated cabinet gets reviews which are good, including the smooth functioning of the drawers. A one drawer model will set you back somewhere between $150 and $300 while 2 drawer models run $400 to $600.

FireKing is one of the major names in fireproof paper storage and makes UL listed, good quality items. The smallest drawer they offer is a 2 drawer model. Those considering enterprise level secure document storage should really contemplate the FireKing line.

While the great bulk individuals will not privately experience our place of residence burning down, it is still a possibility. Dumu lukas associated with a fireproof file box is a bargain compared to the loss of the documents which may help you get your wellbeing back in order after experiencing such a destructive event.

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