five Ways Instagram Helps Industry Your Business

With its recent launch on Android last 12 months, Instagram has seen a steadily growing popularity as a social network. It’s a good way for fans to indulge with their favorite brands and celebrities together with their own personal friends and followers. Data from Instagram’s media page reveals that there are 1,000 comments and 8,500 likes per second along with its 100 million monthly users are posting forty million new pictures every single day.

As a business, like Instagram among your social networking cache could be a big boost in forming bonds between the brand of yours and your fans. You are able to utilize it as a platform to present products that are new as well as increase your existing ones to your target market.

However, there are several techniques that you are able to utilize Instagram to help market your business to develop respect from fans and gain more exposure for your brand:

Photo Contests

In the event that you need to find a rapid spike in supporters on Instagram, having a contest is the approach to do it. The primary key, though, to keeping those supporters would be to encourage engagement. You are able to offer a prize of 1 of the own products of yours and ask supporters to submit a photo of their to promote marked with a special hash tag or company name.

Create a contest and offer gifts that make sense for your company. You need to market your own products and not someone else’s. Thus, while you might certainly see a tremendous increase by presenting an iPad as a prize, you will simply be earning short term followers.

If you’re a customizable jewelry designer, offer one of the pieces of yours as the prize. For the contest, you can ask followers to post a photo of them wearing their favorite accessory. Bear in mind, the goal is to try to establish a very good fan base, not to give at a distance expensive gifts.

Photo-a-Day Engagement

A thing that has gained popularity with Instagram is the “Photo-a-Day” Challenge. Numerous businesses and bloggers will create new lists and post them at the beginning of the month, motivating followers to produce new photos every day. You are able to quickly find samples of these photographs 1 day lists online to get some motivation. You can also connect a contest in with such issues to develop a lot more exposure for the brand of yours.

Unique Hashtags

Twitter has long used the hashtag to make it simple for users to look for tweets that refer to a certain topic. Instagram uses hashtags in very much a similar way. They make it simple for people to get into contests and for businesses to identify those entries. Find hash tags that suit with the business of yours and any contests. You can choose a list of many current popular hashtags with websites like

Cross Promote

When you set up the Instagram account of yours, it is a wise idea to link up the additional social networks of yours to it as well. To illustrate, linking to your Facebook account and Twitter will allow the pictures of yours to be published to those accounts immediately. This means increased higher user engagement and exposure.


Instagram gives businesses an easy way to personalize the brand of theirs. Instagram Coment├írios Personalizados presents users an inside look at their favorite celebrities and brands. In addition to pictures of your goods, use this platform as a better way to offer your followers an inside look into how you operate. If the small business of yours is in your home office, share photos that shows the workspace of yours, your cat incorporated. If you’re a larger company with a brick-and-mortar location, shoot several pics of your employees at work. Give the followers of yours an inside perspective of how your business runs and also you will create much more of a bond.

Has your business been using Instagram to raise a good following? What are several of the ways that you use the social network?

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