Lithium Batteries: Why Check out Lion Power Brand for A new Lithium Battery Purchase

Lithium batteries are identified to last longer and require very little maintenance in order to function very well. This is especially true of the Lion Power Lithium Batteries manufactured for electronic powered golf trolleys. Lithium batteries offer roughly 10 times the quantity of rounds of golf before it becomes necessary to obtain an upgraded power supply. These are light weight than their lead-acid battery counterparts and are scaled-down in size, making them more portable and making a golf trolley significantly easier to enter and from a car’s boot. The golf outing is going to start and finish a lot more efficiently considering that getting rid of the trolley and replacing it will be very easy with among these good batteries installed in it. The 2 most popular initial purchases can be a combo it which contains a battery and a charging unit. Remember it is crucial to work with the charger that will come with these batteries in order to avoid damage as well as carry on and benefit from the extended life, great power, light-weight Lion Power Lithium Batteries enumerated below.

Lion Power eighteen Hole Lithium Golf battery and Charger

Made lasting through eighteen holes of play before desiring a recharge, the Lion Power eighteen Hole Lithium Golf battery and also Charger is an excellent buy. Owners of this product all seem to rave about the battery management device that is inbuilt in the product. It tends to make sure that there’ll be no voltage overload and also monitors output thus users obtain maximum power. The included three amp lithium charger is essential for ensuring proper recharge and preserving the integrity of this battery pack. These batteries fit the majority of trolleys.

Lion Power thirty six Hole Lithium Golf Battery and Charger

Having the manufacturer’s warranty, reliability and durability of this counterpart 18 hole batteries, the Lion Power thirty six Hole Lithium Golf Battery and Charger is a good choice of the more regular golf enthusiast. Because it’s a better battery a 5 amp lithium charger is included with this particular purchase. Owners have been able to enjoy as many as 2000 rounds of their favorite game, golf, with this particular battery. The lengthy lasting power of its, the fact it has to be charged up again just after a complete 36 holes of golf are actually played, its common three year warranty, and also its lightweight and smaller size help to make this the optimal battery pack for any of the numerous trolley models that it’ll accommodate.

It’s crucial that you be aware that once a golfer has this battery and charger he or maybe she need only bought an upgraded battery in the potential future, since the charger might be reused and also is usually exchanged at even longer time periods than can the battery pack. The simple fact that many golf enthusiasts who have experimented with these batteries are astounded by the stretch of time they keep going, impressed by the smaller size and lighter weight, and also happy by the devices overall performance indicates that some of the Lion Lithium Batteries for Golf will be a great buy just for the professional or amateur golfer.
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