Male’s Titanium and Tungsten Bracelets as a Fashion Trend

The jewelry market is influenced a great price by the world of business in addition to style. A business development has had a big role in changing the face of jewelry; the release of titanium and tungsten carbide metals. Especially in mens jewelry, titanium and/or tungsten carbide are leading just how in the current hot fashion trend in mens bracelets. The characteristics of these 2 metals make them perfect for crafting mens jewelry; they’re both very strong, durable, affordable and lightweight.

Titanium gained popularity from the use of its in aerospace applications. Since titanium was introduced to jewelry design several decades ago, its use has grown tremendously, holding pace with popular demand, prompting many jewelers to develop their mens jewelry collections to include this great inert metal. Not only is the versatility of the metal creating a stir in jewelry manufacturing, the craftsmen who actually work with titanium also are impressed by the purity of the metal itself, neither gold or platinum is able to match titanium.

The business has welcomed this brand new trend, building fantastic techniques to facilitate inventive jewelry design of mens titanium & tungsten bracelets, watches and rings, full of all of the model that every male wants and also the ruggedness which they require for their active lives-there is no requirement to take care of this jewelry, it is just about maintenance free and 100 % hypoallergenic as well. These days, you will find even more jewelry designers using titanium more frequently in the work of theirs, catering to the males who actually value the metals luster that’s giving platinum some genuine competition because of its affordable price tag. The appeal of titanium bracelets for males is natural, its strength boosts their personal fashion style.

Tungsten carbide was previously used for industrial uses. Mens jewelry made of tungsten carbide has an even far more incredible strength – it is four times tougher compared to titanium and twice as challenging as metal – this metal is so tough it is able to solely be harmed by a hammer or diamond abrasion blow. Mens tungsten carbide jewelry utilizes the characteristics of this metal to its full advantage; each of the styles and colors accent masculine prowess and every cabinet.

But be aware whenever you buying tungsten jewelry, that the binding included in developing this kind of jewelry is very important. There are lots of jewelers that are using cobalt binders instead of nickel binders to cut costs, that may result in many people to experience an allergic reaction.
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