What Are Wedding Cake Toppers?

With the increased popularity of TV shows like Ace of cakes and Choccywoccydoodah, the drive to add the personal touch on the wedding cake has now become even better. But, investing in a customised wedding cake is an expensive extra that many couples just can not afford.

Thankfully, there is an alternative solution solution which can supply couples which personalised touch to their cake without the massive expense. The key is wedding cake toppers.

Just what are toppers?

Toppers are the figures which in turn sit in addition to a cake, and typically on a wedding cake, you are going to find figures of the bride and groom. Usually, custom cake toppers are standard products that could be purchased from most craft shops and tend to be standard in their physical appearance. Nevertheless, there now companies around who specialise in designing toppers to match your appearance and looks, even right down to the hair style of yours, eye colour and wedding attire. Toppers are not only restricted to marriages however, many individuals are going to invest in a topper for the birthday of theirs, anniversary or other celebration cake.

How much do toppers cost you?

Toppers differ in price from as little as a couple of pounds for pre made, non customised toppers, as much as £200 for a personalised wedding cake topper. For wedding party cakes, most cake makers are going to include the topper in the price they quote for the overall wedding cake, but check with your individual cake maker, it possibly another hidden cost. Some cake makers may not attempt a topper at many so you are going to need to outsource this.

Exactly what are toppers made from?

Standard’ off the shelf’ cake toppers will generally be made from clear plastic, but hand crafted cake toppers are usually made from sugar icing or even polymer clay as they’re quick to mould and set up the personalised look. The bonus of applying icing for creating cake toppers is the fact that they’re able to be consumed once they’ve been created! But, wedding cake toppers made from clay will generally last forever and also may be stored as a keepsake. Most cake topper designers will use clay that is non-toxic so there are no health and safety concerns in putting the clay directly onto a cake.

Where can I purchase a wedding cake topper?

When a standard is wanted by you, pre made cake topper, retailers for example Hobbycraft will have these on the shelves of theirs. Websites like eBay will additionally enjoy a variety of standard designs to choose from. For the greater personalised touch, you will find lots of online companies these days specialising in exceptional toppers, you simply need to pick the style which fits you best! A very good location for inspiration is forums as there’ll be brides who will discuss the experiences of theirs and their preferred vendors to enable you to make your decision.

Whichever route you make up your mind to go down, there are several choices open to you. Merely take into account what budget you’ve available and then select a designer who can fulfill your requirements.

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